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Sorters (ALL Wafer Materials)

Model 200TRT Sorter (4”-8” wafers) - Belt Systems
Model 150TRT sorter (3”-6” wafers) - Belt Systems

  • High precision and stability multiple-point measurement on one axis for thickness, type, and resistivity
  • Easy Operation touch screen PC with advanced recipe-control software
  • Maximum 1000 wafers per hour throughput on one center-point measurement
  • Measures thickness and resistivity, .0007 ohm - 150 ohm cm
  • All sensors are non-contact; radial gradient measurements are available
  • Every cassette is independently programmable
  • Reliable and easy to maintain belt system
  • Cleanroom compatible

TTV, Bow, Warp, SFQD, SFQR and OCR

Model 300TRT Wafer Sorter

  • Wafer diameter: 300mm (option 200mm)
  • Throughput: Max. 450 wafer per hour on one center-point measurement
  • None Contact Gauges: Thickness, Resistivity, Type, OCR
  • Surface: As-Cut, Lapped, Polished
  • Wafer Handling: Standard Robot and Belt arrangement
  • Measurement: Center point, 2-point Resistivity and radial grading
  • Cassette: 25 slot & 13 slot
  • Configuration: (4) input station (12) output station precision and stability multiple-point measurement on one axis for thickness, type, resistivity, and OCR

Model TRTS-300 Semi Automated sorter & inspection system for Semiconductor and & PV wafers

Wafer diameter measurement sets: 4" / 5" / 6" / 8"/12”
PV sorter: 100,125,150... 157mm pseudo square

Build Your Own Sorter
The customer may choose from the following gauges, sender and receiver configurations, and custom design their own sorter.

  1. Non- Contact Type
  2. Non-Contact Thickness
  3. Non-Contact Resistivity

Sorter Applications

  • Prime and test wafer manufacturing
  • Wafer reclaim & Wafer brokers
  • PV manufacturing
  • Before lapping and polishing processes
  • Anywhere in-process