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SemiconWest 2016

Join GigaMat Technologies at SemiconWest 2019
July 9-11 in San Francisco

South Hall booth # 647
Moscone Center
747 Howard Street
San Francisco, California, USA

Edge Grinders

Model EP1401, EP2601, EP3801 Edge Grinder - diameter from 50mm to 200mm

  • Round, Notched, or flatted wafers
  • Non contact thickness measuring system
  • Grind measurement station (diameter, flat length(s), notch depth, location
  • 4 cassette loading/unloading station
  • High throughput
  • Windows XP system

Model 18-20 Wafer Demount Station    

  • Fits model 3808 or 3806 Polisher carriers.
  • Wafer sizes utilized are 4”, 5”, 6” and 8” diameter
  • One cassette in one column unload a total of 25 wafers
  • The Demount Station can also accommodate other carriers and   wafer sizes
  • Easy “slide-into-place” carrier loading system
  • Auto carrier rotation
  • Automatic indexing
  • Wafer breakage prevention, when wafer is not fully inserted in cassette
  • Water saving operation, as the water shuts off when the system is not in use
  • Wafer submerged in DI Water to avoid slurry damage and haze

Model MS-200 Mount Press – All Template Carrier for Polishing

  • The Model MS-200 Mount Station uses heat and pressure to press wafers into the template, which is mounted on the polishing carrier.
  • Allows consistency of polishing process
  • Removes excess water from wafer/template interface
  • Removes operator inconsistencies from process.