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SemiconWest 2014

Join GigaMat Technologies at SemiconWest 2019
July 9-11 in San Francisco

South Hall booth # 647
Moscone Center
747 Howard Street
San Francisco, California, USA


200LU Stand Alone Wafer Presenter - Automated Wafer Loading and Unloading

  • System handles wafers and increases yield by decreasing wafer breakage, scratches and contamination.
  • Flexibility between 4"-8" wafer diameter measurements with just a switch.
  • Compact, mobile, modularized and ready to plug-in.
  • Reliable and self-contained unit, with built-in processor control making unit autonomous.
  • Convenient "pick&place" from front recess


Wafer Elevator – Model 4568

  • The GigaMat Model 4568 Cassette Elevator sends and receives wafers, sizes 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 200mm, out of or into cassettes
  • Single 24-volt DC power supply
  • The Elevator provides two means of external control: RS232C for single unit operation and RS422/485 for multi-unit operation
  • Up to 31 units may be daisy-chained for RS422/485 systems
  • The design of the elevator is modular in that all major components are removable and replaceable
  • This device utilizes micro-stepping motors (3) to minimize audible noise and provide smooth, vibration-less operation. In addition, the operating parameters of these motors (start step rate, final step rate, acceleration and deceleration) are programmable.
  • These parameters are stored in non-volatile memory.
  • The Elevator slots are programmable, which allows none standard cassettes to be used


Pad Removal Tool



Template Installation Fixture

Pad Dress Brush

Bar Assembly

Bar Gauge


  1. Bearing Puller, Head Spindle 0510-0072
  2. Spanner Wrench (Jack Screw Model) 0510-0074
  3. Lifting Fixture, Rib Plate 0510-0076
  4. Pin, Alignment, Rib Plate 0510-0077
  5. Pad Removal Tool 0510-0079
  6. Spanner Wrench, Uniflat Head Shaft 0510-0092
  7. Wrench, No. 6 Bearing Nut 0510-0093
  8. Digital Pressure Gauge 0510-2000
  9. “O” Ratchet Set (Cushion Adjust) 0510-2010
  10. Non-Contact Temperature Gauge 0510-2020
  11. Digital Tachometer 0510-2030
  12. Template Installation Fixture 0510-2040
  13. Pad Dress Brush Assembly 0510-2050
  14. Gauge Bar Assembly, Uniflat 0161-0042
  15. Replacement Pad Dress Brush 0161-5081
  16. Platen Flatness Bar Gauge 0510-2060
  17. Pyrometer Alignment Tool  0161-5012